Why 151k Instagram followers shouldn’t be your priority with Laura Zalenga | Freelancer Talk #12

For today’s episode, I invited the incredibly kind and talented photographer Laura Zalenga to join me for a Freelancer Talk.

Laura has been a Freelance Photographer for most of her career and has worked for clients like the United Nations, Adobe, Facebook, Sony, MaxMara, and Disney. It’s an impressive list!

She sells her own courses, teaches workshops and masterclasses, and runs her own Patreon community. But besides all of that, she also has an impressively large following on Instagram which was my initial reason for inviting her. But quickly after doing some more in-depth research, I found that just talking about her Instagram following wouldn’t do her justice.

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In the episode, Laura shares with us her journey to becoming the photographer she is now, what freelancing means to her and why she calls herself an activist.

However, we are spending a big part of the podcast discussing what these followers mean to her, if Instagram has contributed to her success as a photographer, and why it’s important to be vocal on social and ecological matters.  This is not a “how to get more followers” episode but more of a talk on what it means to have such a following and mostly why getting it shouldn’t be your priority as a freelancer!

Let’s get listening!

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