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Posting on Social Media, it truly can be a burden. If you’re using Social Media as a way to market yourself or your business, it’s very important to post on Social Media (common knowledge right there!). But there is nothing more annoying than stressing out about posting! I 100% freak out if I’m about to miss my most engaging hour on for example Instagram, and have to come up with a post within a few minutes. Really, there is no point in that! That’s why I started creating a plan for my posts. And I’m telling you, planning your Social Media content can be lifechanging!

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While planning your Social Media content can take away some stress, it also allows you to really adapt your marketing strategies within your timeline.

This post is about all Social Media content planning, but I’m going to start with Instagram because it’s obviously the most popular. When I started planning all my posts on Instagram I used to create a lot of Drafts. When I needed to post, I used to pick a Draft I thought was nice and just post it. While this was a good way to start out planning my content, I still had to remind myself of the times when I should post and go to Instagram and physically post myself. Putting an alarm on my phone to remind me of the time I had to post, was not going to be a pleasant option and so I started doing some research.

Somewhere in 2018 I found and they changed my life! (formally latergramme) was Instagram’s first-to-market Instagram scheduler in 2014. With over 4 million users, Later has since grown out to the world’s most used Social Media scheduler.

I told you I was going to start with Instagram but end up with all Social Media!

Later is a Social Media scheduler that lets you schedule Instagram posts, Pinterest Pins, Facebook Posts, and Tweets. Later believes Social Media has become a visual experience and they’ve created their platform for us to be able to visually plan and schedule our content. Their goal is to simplify social media marketing and they’ve developed tools for visual scheduling, media management, marketing, and analytics. They truly help you streamline your strategies and set you up for success and sales.

Finding and reaching your target audience on Instagram

I’ve been using their free plan for over two years and it’s more than enough if you just want to automate your posts. But like I said before, they have many more tools and features!

Their scheduler feature is as easy as it can be. You login with you social media accounts and you upload an image you want to post. You write your captions, paste your hashtags and link your links. You drag the post to the date and time you want it to be scheduled , select which social media you want to post to, and voila, your posts are all set!

If you’re one of those people who loves an aesthetic grid on Instagram, don’t worry. Later comes with a pretty clear visualizer of how you’re grid is going to look like, and you can adjust your scheduled posts at any time.

While Later is an excellent automatic scheduler for your social media, you still need to come up with the content itself. I usually take one or two hours per week where I sit down and come up with content ideas for the week after. Occasionally I come up with a content plan for the entire month (especially for YouTube because editing videos takes time!). Sometimes content ideas come randomly throughout the week, so I write them down in my content idea list. Writing a list in advance and coming up with a planning the week before has really taken away my stresslevel regarding posting on social media.

Of course, when you use your social media accounts for your private life you don’t have to think about content planning. But if you’re a freelancer and don’t have much time throughout the weeks it can be very handy to plan your content in advance and use a scheduler like Later.

It sure helped me a lot!

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