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The future is freelance and therefor we believe that freelancers deserve their own social network!

The Freelancer Talk platform will be a professional social networking platform designed for freelancers. Think of it as a Facebook meets LinkedIn platform but entirely devoted to freelancers and companies hiring them. Users of the platform will be able to connect with other freelancers, share their work and accomplishments, and participate in topic discussions.

Users will be able to create a profile, share content, message other users in real-time, create their own niche group, set up their own crowdfunding, and even advertise their own businesses.

Future platform features will include job listings, hosting paid masterclasses, livestreams, and more to be announced. Next to developing the platform we are currently working on a future premium membership model in which freelancers will get access to a variety of freelance resources, courses, masterclasses, and exclusive events.


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