USA Question on stability (like Medicaid)

  • USA Question on stability (like Medicaid)

    Posted by WebPhoenix Bavar on 01/07/2022 at 2:08 am

    Greetings fellows,

    One of my biggest questions right now is how to maintain my American Medicaid health insurance if I start making monthly changing freelance incomes. Medicaid in the U.S. is only available on poor income. And there may be other ways to lose it, like maybe bank savings. Nobody can tell me. (and starting from zero, I can’t afford private insurance)

    So, must I register a little business (maybe nonprofit or “B-Corps”, all a mystery to me) to give me steady payments that never exceed Medicaid eligibility limits? And how can my self-registered business correctly pay me a wage?

    Or does exist an employment-similar freelancers community where I can keep doing my expert work while business experts take care of registration, accounting, tax returns, assets, receiving online payments safely, maybe even enabling non-dangerous savings, etc.?

    Thanks a million for any tips.

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