hacker team recruiting and accept to hire

  • hacker team recruiting and accept to hire

    Posted by cpaoif vyum on 17/05/2022 at 8:38 am

    Black hat hacker team recruiting, providing hacking technology teaching.

    Join us and make money together.

    (Minimum income of $200 after the first day of study,minimum monthly income of $6000, the current average income of team members $38000/month.)

    Contact email : [email protected]

    Also, we accept to hire:

    Invading personal computers and data

    Invading mobile phone(iphone/android)

    Steal someone else’s crypto currency/NFT

    Steal social accounts/email accounts,etc. (Facebook/twitter,etc.)

    Monitor partner’s phone

    Collecting evidence of partner’s infidelity

    Retrieve lost crypto currency/NFT

    Modify Exam Results

    Intrusion website server

    Crack software license


    Contact email : [email protected]

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