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Link in Bio, you must have seen them everywhere on Instagram. Instagram unfortunately never made it possible for us to share our websites through captions. Instead, you can share your website in your profile’s bio. And so, the ‘link in bio’ caption was born. Whenever you want your post to relate back to your website, you use the caption ‘Link in Bio’ to point your followers to your bio’s web link. But we can take this to a whole other lever! And you might be interested as a freelancer!

What if you have multiple websites? How can you show all your other Social Media credentials? Or what if you want your post to link back to a video? Don’t worry, I’m going to help you out!

Nowadays there is a great variety of apps and platforms that help you create a visually stunning ‘Link in Bio’. They all work the same, but look very different! I’ll quickly explain how it works. Instead of always changing the link in your bio, you can use one of these platforms that create a ‘Link in Bio’-page for you. You will never have to change your web address anymore. With every new post that is connected to an article, website, or video, you can simply just add that link to your ‘Link in Bio’ page. Within your actual posts, you should still remind your audience that your link is in your bio. By clicking on your linked bio they enter a visual ‘Link in Bio’ page where they’ll find all your linked posts and even more…

When Instagram plays a big role in driving traffic to your website, you really want to fully optimize your ‘Link in Bio’. You can create many more links and connect all your Social Media as well.

While there are plenty of different ‘Link in Bio’ platforms and apps, I’m going to highlight two. As they are the only two I’ve been using.


My Liinks bio – photo by me

Liinks might actually be my favorite, so I’m going to start talking about it first. They give you the opportunity to fully customize your ‘Link in Bio’ page. Their editor page is made extremely user-friendly and it immediately gives a clear visual representation of how your page will look like.

Next to adding links, you have the opportunity to add other Social Media accounts, write a short ‘about me’, and upload a profile photo. It really is a perfect way to showcase yourself through your ‘Link in Bio’.

What I love the most is that you can add photos yourself (you’re actually not linking your IG posts) and have different templates and animation for your various links, as you can see on my Liinks bio on the left.

Liinks has a free and paid plan. Their free plan is alright and might be just enough. But if you really want to get creative, I would definitely suggest using their paid plan… it’s only 3$ a month!


If you have been reading some of my other posts and listened to some of my podcasts, then Later should sound familiar to you! Later is a Social Media content planner and I’ve been using Later for a while now.

But next to being a Social Media planner, Later also offers a great ‘Link in Bio’ service. Instead of uploading your own photos, Later actually uses the photos you posted on your feed. They use the same grid aesthetic as Instagram which basically makes your ‘Link in Bio’ look like your Instagram feed. But now all the images are actually linked to your website, posts etc.

Great about this grid visual is that people will quickly recognize the link they wanted to click on, as it’s visualized though the image you used on Instagram.

But as it is a grid visual, links will disappear and relevant older links will have to be shared again in new posts.

Liinks vs Later

Later and Liinks are both very different because of their visual appearances. I think Later is a great way to link your posts but if you truly want to your Link In Bio and get a little bit more creative, then Liinks is my recommendation. Not only because it looks more fun, but also because you have the opportunity to connect your socials. Besides, they have plenty of different link templates and animations. And, you can organize your links the way you want to.

As I said at the beginning of this post, there are plenty of more platforms that create stunning and practical ‘Link in Bio’s’. If you have any recommendations yourself, please feel free to share them with me!

Having a clear and optimized ‘Link in Bio’ is definitely a must and should definitely be part of your Instagram Strategy!

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