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A global network of creative freelancers, entrepreneurs, and artists. Expand your network. Showcase your work. Find work opportunities. Get support and boost your business!

What is the Freelancer Talk?

Freelancer Talk is an online platform that connects, supports, and helps creative freelancers to kickstart and manage their businesses. 

We like to describe ourselves as the ultimate social learning hub for freelancers working in the creative and cultural industries. Our mission is to make freelancing more accessible and more manageable for artists, creators, and other types of creatives. We want creative freelancers to thrive and feel like they are part of a community.

Through our social network, academy, and memberships, we offer the ability for freelancers to build their own communities, make valuable connections, find collaborators, create work opportunities, showcase their work, and ultimately get the support needed.

Network Your Success

join our global community of freelance artists, creators, and other creatives.

Networking Features


Expand your professional network by connecting with other freelancers in your field and beyond. Search for freelancers in your area using our Freelancers Directory and connect along!


Need recommendations or looking for information? Start a topic discussion or search for answers and recommendations from other freelancers through our dicussions directory.


Share updates on your current projects with your community through the activity feed. Ask your community for feedback or give it yourself.


Too busy to build your own website? We got you! Freelancer Talk offers you the possibility to showcase all your works. List your work experiences, gather testimonials, and manage your own blog!


Share resources, setup Zoom meetings, and host group events through our groups feature. Groups can be public, hidden, or private. You'll be able to add extra organizers and even moderators.


Send direct messages to freeelancers you've conencted with. Messages can include photos, videos, and documents.

Always connected. Wherever you go.


More Than A network

Freelancer Talk is not just a social network for creative freelancers. We also organize real-life networking events, offer educational training through our academy, and have a global directory of resources so that it’s easier for freelancers to find the right type of support. 

As our member base grows, so will our features. Expect more networking features, more educational resources, and more ways of support to be added to our platform in the future!

Freelancer Talk App

Your network in your pocket.

Freelancer Talks

Global networking events.
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Premium Membership

More tools. More success.

Freelancer Talk Academy

Expand your knowledge & skills.

Global Resources

Conferences, webinars & more.

Workspaces Directory

Find workspaces near you.
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