What is Freelancer Talk?

Freelancer Talk is a community and knowledge platform for freelancers within the Arts & Culture. We strongly believe in the power of a network, because a network provides work opportunities, support, and a feeling of community. 

Connection, inclusivity, and accessibility are our core values. Together with these values, we strive to facilitate a network based on creativity and support. In other words, we are trying to build a community where every creative freelancer feels at home!

Network Your Success

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This is what we do:

Networking Events

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Platform Features


Expand your professional network by connecting with other freelancers in your field and beyond. Search for freelancers in your area using our Freelancers Directory and connect along!


Need recommendations or looking for information? Start a topic discussion or search for answers and recommendations from other freelancers through our dicussions directory.


Share updates on your current projects with your community through the activity feed. Ask your community for feedback or give it yourself.


Too busy to build your own website? We got you! Freelancer Talk offers you the possibility to showcase all your works. List your work experiences, gather testimonials, and manage your own blog!


Share resources, setup Zoom meetings, and host group events through our groups feature. Groups can be public, hidden, or private. You'll be able to add extra organizers and even moderators.


Send direct messages to freeelancers you've conencted with. Messages can include photos, videos, and documents.

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