4 apps for creating beautiful Instagram Stories

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Instagram Stories. Who doesn’t exercise their daily swiping routine? Chances are, you’re part of the 500 million users active daily Stories users. I know, that number is shocking. With Instagram Stories being so popular you want to stand out, especially if you use Instagram as a marketing tool for business. While Instagram offers plenty of tools to customize your own stories, there are also plenty of other Instagram Stories editing Apps.

I’ve been using various applications to optimize my Instagram Stories. And to save you some time on researching, I’m going to share my favorite 4 apps for creating beautiful Instagram Stories, that I’ve been using or have just started to use!

I use these apps to make my stories more aesthetic and fitting to my overall IG aesthetic. If you have no clue why it’s important to create a certain aesthetic for your Instagram as a freelancer. Then make sure to listen to my 2nd podcast on Instagram Aesthetics!

Story Art

The latest trend within Instagram Stories are animated stories. No, not animation, animated! There are numerous amount of apps that have preset templates and themes but to start this list off I’m going to start with my personal favorite. Story Art.

Story by me for worldofwouter.com

Story Art is the highest-rated Stories editing app in the Google and Apple store. Story Art has over 2000+ templates and new templates are added every week. Its free version includes over 200 free preset templates but I would go premium to unlock the most spectacular features of the app. On top of the great variety of templates, they also collected them together in themes. Choosing an aesthetic theme for your Stories is definitely part of your Instagram Strategy!

Story Art is incredibly user-friendly, and you don’t need high editing skills to get an aesthetic looking story out there.

I’ve you’ve been following me on Instagram and wondered where all these crazy stories come from? StoryArt baby!

Story Art its free on Android and IOS


I’m a huge fan of Canva and have my own Pro account for half a year. Canva is a very popular photo editing app and allows you to fully customize every little detail.

The pro version comes with an astonishing 60,000 templates and over a million stock images. If that wasn’t enough, Canva has a large collection of fully customizable stickers, fonts, textures, and frames.

Story by me
Story by me
Story by me

If you are an online content creator and are not only interested in creating appealing Stories. Then Canva is your go-to-app. Canva can be used for any Social Media platform, but Canva goes even beyond Social Media content creation. From Pinterest Pins to Newsletters, from Logos to Facebook banners and Youtube thumbnails. Canvas options are literally limitless.

Canva pro also comes with a great content scheduler and an enormous library of stock photos for you to use.

Again, if you are an online content creator, then Canva Pro is going to be your best friend!


Story by me for worldofwouter

I recently just stumbled on this app and have been carefully assessing its features. Mojo is like StoryArt an app with great-looking animated templates and themes.

The free version of Mojo is very small and restricting. Obviously a freemium model, but it is just enough to get a taste of what this application actually can do.

Mojo is very similar to Story Art and they offer a great number of preset templates and themes. What really stood out to me were the very professional-looking templates and themes! Yes, Mojo is similar to Story Art but I do feel Mojo has some other refreshing templates to offer. Plus, I think their editing features are a little more user-friendly.

Mojo’s free templates are fun but nothing special. If you really want to make the best and most outstanding Stories you should go pro. unfortunately, it’s a little bit pricy. But you know it’s worth it!

Mojo is only available on IOS


If you want to get creative yourself and want to learn little bit more about editing, then Inshot is your app!

To be fair, I haven’t been using Inshot too much but it’s been on my phone for a good 3 years now. The app works easy and every feature is incredibly customizable. Before you start make sure you click on ‘canvas’ and pick the right frame size. They have frame sizes for almost all social media platforms, like Tik Tok for example. Upload your chosen videos and photos and let the editing start!

Every uploaded media is easily customizable and there are plenty of filters, stickers, and effects to add on. I’m the most fan of the add-background feature! It’s great for creating cool layover

effects on your Stories! Resizing and cropping your videos are also no problem and your final product is easily shared through the app on Instagram Stories!

Inshot is free on Android and IOS

Of course there are plenty of more handy apps to optimise your Instagram Stories, but these 4 are the ones I’m personally using the most.

As I said in the beginning of this article. There are over 500million people who daily swipe through their stories. If you’re a freelancer and use Instagram as a way to market yourself, it’s good to think about how you use stories!

I know that we all like to focus a lot on creating a great feed, but Instagram has recently proven to go beyond that. Introducing Reels and testing out a new in-app design for stories. Yep, stories are far from gone!

I hope these 4 apps can help you to create some beautiful stories for your Instagram!

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