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Freelancer Talk x Event

Since the beginning of 2022, we have started to organize a series of not-so-formal pop-up networking events for freelancers in cities like Amsterdam & Rotterdam. Our events give freelancers the chance to meet other freelancers during the ‘Freelance Dating’ activity. At each event, we invite a few experienced professionals to give a ‘Freelancer Talk’ on a topic valuable to all. Our events are funky, informal, and fun. So it is only logical that we finish each night with some vibey tunes by a DJ. Check out the video below to catch the vibe! See you at the next one?

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What is Freelancer Talk?

We strongly believe in the power of a network, because a network provides work opportunities, support, and a feeling of community. Freelancer Talk is a networking concept that consists of different formats, some of those being a Social Networking app and Networking Events. 

Connection, inclusivity, and accessibility are our core values. Together with these values we strive to facilitate a network based on creativity and support. In other words, we are trying to build a community where every creative freelancer feels at home!

What we offer...


Together with our partners we organise Freelancer Talk networking events. Bringing creative freelancers together and having a fun night out is our goal!

Online Hub

We’ve created an online networking platform for creative professionals only. Showcase your work and make connections with other creatives. 


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Trainings & Workshops

We offer different forms of education to creative freelancers through trainings and online workshops. 

The Creative & Cultural Industries

Music, dance, theater, design, and visual arts, it is hard to imagine life without. The Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI’s) form an essential part of the foundation of our society and are indispensable from our daily lives.

In Europe alone, it’s estimated that 2.5 million people working in the CCI’s are independent workers, or as we’d like to call them, freelancers. In certain sub-sectors, like the Performing Arts, freelancers make up for almost 60% to 70% of the total workforce, easily outperforming any other sector in any other industry. Due to the sector’s dependency on subsidies and the lack of full-time jobs, freelancing is often a must.


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